Cumulative Sum - Non Resetting Running Total



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    David Hertzberg

    Great initiative ! Thanks

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    Ruben Cortez

    Nice work!

    On a widget we've used this on a line showing the running total where the same value is included as a bar as a sum, 2 y-axis.

    Up vote to have this included with the product.

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    Mark Busuttil

    Would be possible to have this working for Pivot tables as well?

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    Jay Dastur

    Hi Mark

    The nature of the pivot table and the underlying data structure, make the implementation very complex. I will add it to my todo list. But  don't hold your breath :)

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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Jay,

    When using the plugin, I'm noticing a strange behavior. The graph will look fine when I build it and turn on the cumulative option, but if I move the widget on the dashboard, the graphed values completely change.

    See here:

    This is on v6.7

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    Jay Dastur

    Hi Brian

    This is an artifact when developing the dashboard. All you need to do is refresh the dashboard and it will render correctly.

    You will not see this issue when you are in the view mode and interacting with the dashboard.

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    Northern Admin

    Hi Jay,

    We used this plugin in a Line chart at Minute level with continuous option and it worked great. But we are facing an issue while we export the data into csv.

    for e.g., the transactions at minutes 9:00 have 500, 9:01 have 100, 9:02 have 200 ....

    The running sum should be 9:00 - 500, 9:01 - 600, 9:02 - 800 etc., and Graph shows perfect Running sum value.

    But when we export to csv, we are getting the actual values like 9:00 have 500, 9:01 have 100, 9:02 have 200 ....

    Do you have any idea on that?

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    Anna Naidion

    Hi everybody,

    Please find updated plugin that support PDF exporting here:

    Regards, Anna

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