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    Altynai Adabaeva

    Hi Ronen, 

    we have been experiencing some issues with Sisense histogram plugin.

    1) When applying a filter for a specific widget, i get this filter applied to all other widgets as well.

    For example, i have two metrics: delivery time and time_at_restaurant.
    In histogram i want to delivery_time to be limited 0 to 180 and time_at_restaurant 0 to 40, when i change filter within one widget it's applied to other as well.
    Sometimes filters seem to work properly but many times they are applied wrongly.

    2) Also, filters seem not to work within one widget sometimes. Please see the picture below.

    3) If you select to show values in the design part it doesn't show anything, please see picture below

    Would be great if you can help with this asap. 


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    Ronen Avidor

    Hi Altynai,

    Sorry that you have had some issue.

    The show label value issue is now fixed and you can download the latest version from the link above.

    Regarding the filtering issue, we would need to better understand the behavior first. Could you work with our support and show them this behavior first and then I will have a follow up with them to get a better understanding of the issue.



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    Altynai Adabaeva


    the filtering issue seems to be solved - thanks a lot!

    the 'values' mode still has an issue though - it always shows 0 on y axis,

    There are couple of more functionalities we'd like to have: 
    - possibility of choosing breaks we want (not number of breaks but manual input, e.g., -inf, 20,25,30,35,45,60,+inf)
    - possibility of grouping by another variable

    would it be possible to fix/add those?


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    Rachel Wijsmuller (Edited )

    Hi Sisense gang,


    What's going wrong with this histogram?

    Is it possible to edit the widget script to user-define bins? Is it possible to do this in the elasticube? 

    Any help much appreciated!


    EDIT - is there something else dodgy about this widget? Other widgets on this dash are no longer representing correct data... nothing else changed except installing the histo plugin.

    SECOND EDIT - ok something really strange is going on - data in the elasticube has changed. The column I was using for the values in the histogram has been entirely set to 0 in the ecube. Fixed by rebuilding entire ecube... 



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    Ronen Avidor (Edited )

    Hi Rachel,

    Sorry that you are facing some issue with the widget. We are working on a new version to allow input of user defined bins, and also some minor bug fixes. 

    Would it be possible for you to send the ECData file and .Dash file to our support and ask them to forward it to me so I can take a look at the issue.



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    Rachel Wijsmuller (Edited )

    Thank you for your reply Ronen. Have uninstalled the plugin and started from scratch with a new dash following unexpected behaviour, so I can't send over the original unfortunately.

    Re-installed the histo plugin and restarted, but seem to be unable to replicate - the widget doesn't work at all now, tried on several ecubes but get "no results" every time.

    But good news about the development :) 

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    Ronen Avidor

    Histogram Widget (Version 1.9) with support for Manual Binning is released!

    This release introduces the following features and bug fixes:

    1.Add the ability to setup the bins Manually
    2. Fix the issue where negative values did not show up in the X-Axis
    3. Added the option to draw a border around each bar
    4. Added the option to set Gradient Bar fill 
    5. Add the ability to control the Bin width, when entering bins manually, either based on size of bin or evenly distribute




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    Eden Omardeker


    A small bug with the plug-in: When trying to export a dashboard to a PDF report  - The Histogram Widgets are not being shown.




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    Tiago Almeida

    Can this be updated to support formulas in the value field ? What would that take ? 

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    Hymavathi Munagala

    is it possible to adjust bars to lines, we are looking for histogram with smooth curves.

    Core Changes:

    1. There will be a “break by”, allowing the user to break the Histogram into multiple Histograms based on a particular column.
    2. Each Histogram will render as a smoothed curve instead of a traditional Histogram.
      1. The Y-value of each bar on the X axis will determine the location of the curve.


    Desired Changes:

    1. There will be the option to add dashed vertical lines, each based on an individual aggregate function. The dashed lines will not vary based on their Y-value, and instead will have one global X-value for the entire chart.
    2. There will be some kind of “chart smoothing” option in order to produce normal curves with a single peak.
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    Diego Cordero

    There is an issue with this plugin where dashboard filters that are disabled within the widget still affect it. In other words, it doesn't ignore filters after disabling them, hence results in having "No results" on it. I have a filter from a completely different table from which the histogram is being built. This filter is disabled within the histogram and it is still taken into account.

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    Ronen Avidor

    Hi Diego, I couldn't reproduce the issue. Would you be able to send our support a sample dataset and dashboard file that reproduces the issue so we can take a look. 

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    M Shaw

    Although general functionality is fine (it basically does what a histogram should) we also managed to find one bug.


    In order for the bug to occur following two conditions need to be met simultaneously:

    • Widget binning method set to automatic
    • Dashboard filters set the way to filter out all records (in example date scope set to future)


    Here, normally one would expect from a widget to inform about the fact that no record match selected criteria, while tested histogram behaves as if there were no filters chosen at all. It presents data calculated for full, not filtered data set. This might be a bit confusing.

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    Jinal Goradia (Edited )


    I have this metric 'Age of Uncleared Payment' which is calculated as follows:

    Age of Uncleared Payment= NOW()-TransactionProcessingDate

    For pivot table, the above formula in values section works well and  I can see all the values of metrics.

    For histogram plugin, the above formula in values section does not generate any histogram.

    Could you please look into this?



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    Ronen Avidor

    Hi Jinal,

    Thank you for your comment. The Histogram doesn't currently support formulas, please add a custom column to your dataset with the above formula and use the custom field as a source for the Histogram.


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    Simon Tuson

    I observed on the Dynamic bucket plugin a grey area on how boundaries between bins are counted.

    should 0 to 10 include 10 or any value <10? On the final bin it should include the max value?

    What I think I see is that it is double counting on the boundaries e.gr 0 to 10 including 10 then 10 to 20 including 10 again... Is this my imagination.

    It certainly does not align with the Dynamic Buckets plugin.

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