Introduction to Community Plugins




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    Michael Guidone

    Would be great for Sisense and Sisense users to be able to communicate via Slack. Will Sisense start a Slack community soon?

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    Jeremy Naiden

    +1 to Michael's Slack suggestion.


    Also, I noticed that the plugins list is behind and doesn't include all of the plugins.  As an administrator, I really need as much assurance possible as to which plugins are currently officially supported, and perhaps alerts when a plugin I use or want to use is no longer officially supported (and for what versions it was/wasn't/is not supported).  It's great that so many in the community have created plugins, but my perception is that, of late, new versions have resulted in many plugins no longer being supported (and without notice). 

    So, net-net, the plugin feature is GREAT, it would just be helpful to have more notice about plugin availability, history, testing status, etc!


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