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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    This is great Omer! Thanks so much for sharing.

    @All, if you are going to try the REST Connector GUI, let us know how it goes!

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    Giridhar Yalamanchili

    We are trying to Connect the Rest endpoint using Custom Rest Connector GUI. 
    Please let us know, how to pass values for the path parameters. 
    Example Path: activity/v2/{tenantId}/user/{profileId} 
    We want to pass values for 'tenantId' and 'profileId' path parameters.

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    Michael Becker

    Hi Giridhar,

    I don't think it will be possible, Sisense will expect a prdefined values, and this API, you posted seems to accept only one value at a time, as parameter (Single ID, not array of ID's). Until you want to extract through this API values for one specific profileid/tenantid, it might be not possible to do it. I might be wrong tough.




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    Aamod Joshi


    I am trying to connect Sisense with a time series database (influxDB). Following is a way to extract data using REST API. curl -i -XPOST http://<IP>:8086/query?db=dbname -u dbuser --data-urlencode "q=select * from obs where time > now() - 1d"

    However, I am not able to map these parameters to the REST API connector GUI parameters. Can you please suggest how this can be done? 

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    Hi Amod,

    It seems that the request you're trying to make is a POST request.

    In that case, the data object should be passed as the "PostParameters" field:

    You can also hover over the field to check it's requirements:

    For further information, please check out our custom REST documentation.

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    Raja Munagala

    Is there an updated version to this GUI connector. It has not been updated since Dec 2017, does it still works fine with Sisense 7.3?

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