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    Michael Becker

    Hi Ok,

    If possible, I would connect File directly to Customer in ECube and therefor create Snowflake. Then if you display it on Pivot, you should see who has File or not.



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    Ok Ok

    I really just try to understand the tool's behavior.
    With this example, box a typed gives 6, box b 2, but if i tip both that'll give 10.
    So isn't it possible to say 'exclude a and b' to give me the 2 clients remaining ? Or do i misunderstand the thing.

    Also is it possible to say : i want my client to only have a file of type B and not count him if he as both A and B.



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    Sam Ovenshine

    Hi T.L.,

    When you say a client has known, is there a NULL record, or no record at all? In general, I would recommend using a CASE statement in the ElastiCube Manager to change your nulls to a text value - Sisense will handle these better and let you filter on them. If there's no record at all, it may help to create dummy records (for example, for the 2 missing records in your example) that Sisense can then aggregate and you can filter on.

    If I've misunderstood or you need further assistance, feel free to open a Support ticket.

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    Ok Ok

    I found one limitation remaining for this one.

    Ok if instead of displaying the order_qty but sales_order_id, theres one trick like [total dummy] + max([sales_order_id]) for example.

    but what if i want to display all sales_order_id for each row if there's more than one.

    It would be cool to use this solution with rows like we can use it with values :


    all_purpose_bikestand           Qty : 3 

    => all_purpose_bikestand    sales_order_id: 123 - 222 - 2222

    and still : adjustable race     sales_order_id: no id

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