Data Write-back / Closed Loop BI



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    Malinda Jepsen

    Very cool!  Thanks for sharing!  

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    Jay Dastur

    Your very Welcome. I have also added a sample Rest end point

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    Vinod Rajasekaran

    This is really nice- Thanks!


    The endpoint link is broken - initial parts of the link is missing


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    John Fisher

    I have an endpoint created internally to http://someinternalsite/providerreview/?npi=123&rev=name and it will save out to our database.  How would I call this from the table widget?  I the following but have not had much luck.  What I am trying to do is take the NPI and the user logged in and set them as the values to be reviewed.

    widget.on('processcell', function(widget, event) {

     prism.dbwbSetSelectors(widget, event);


    widget.on('ready', function(widget, event) {

     var c = [
     {'label' : 'Save' , 'val' : 'Save'} ,
     var ep = "";
     prism.dbwbSetExternalChoice(widget, event, element, c, ep);

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    Carol Shunnarah

    Has anyone used this for multiple fields?

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