Execute SQL Command Plugin



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    Ramon Lopez

    very cool! This would be useful in the case where you have a stored procedure that is populating another table - and you would like to load that other table into the elasticube during the build.

    Thanks for bringing it to the table!! looking forward to more Mitch!

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    Bobbie Peterson

    I've never done a pre plugin for an Elasticube. Could you please provide more through instructions? What an I supposed to do with the zip file attached?

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Bobbie, you can find more information on Elasticube plugins here: https://developer.sisense.com/display/API2/ElastiCube+Plugins

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    sean o'farrell

    Hi Oxana 


    2 things - link above prodices 404 error.

    Second question. Is there a return code expected from SP or is there another mechnism that will ensure that cube BUILD does NOT start before the SP finished execution ? We have a fairly complex rebuild SP that prepares tables for reporting that may take as long as 30 mins to execute.




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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Sean,

    The URL appears to be wrong. The page is here: https://developer.sisense.com/display/API2/ElastiCube+Plugins

    @Mitch might be more suited to help you with the second question, as he is the one who developed this plugin :)



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    Mitch Galehouse

    The cube build is terminated and failed immediately when a SQL error of an severity level is raised.

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