High Availability Upgrade Instructions



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    Ori Sandler

    This is amazing, thanks Michael!

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    Michael Guidone (Edited )

    Michael, thank you for sharing the pitfalls of a Sisense HA upgrade. This information is extremely valuable. We have a scaled out HA environment with 3 web, 3 query, and 1 build server and we are building a new environment in parallel and swapping over to it rather than upgrading in place. Ill be sure to keep track of my experience an hopefully have something to contribute. 

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    Louise Hines

    Is this also relevant for upgrading to 7.2?

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    Katie Garrison

    Hello All,

    Starting in Sisense 7.2+ the set up of High Availability was revamped to make it much easier to deploy multi-server Sisense environments. Rather than manually editing multiple config files, a deployment wizard was released that allows you to make architecture decisions through the UI. 

    Please reference the following documentation for further information:

    Multi-Node Deployments

    Installing the Multi-Node Deployment Wizard

    Hope this helps.
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

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