LOVE V6.6!



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    Zohar Tzfoni

    Thank you Malinda!

    I really glad to hear that you love 6.6!

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    David Wit

    Agree!  6.6 has added slick features that will save time.  Love the new mover tool.

    Anxious to learn more about the live data connect.  Guessing there will be an upcoming deep dive session just on this powerful new feature.

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    Michael Becker

    Agree! Live Data connections could be very useful for ad-hoc reporting, and what it brings additionally is that you can setup filters from different data sources on the same dashboard. This very nice feature for some cases.

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    Inbar Rodan (Edited )


    Yes! We will dedicate a technical webinar for Live Connectors at the end of June.

    Stay tuned for June's webinars schedule that will be posted soon.  

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