Change Selected Filter code in Sisense JS



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    Lidor Rosencovich

    Hi Muhammed, 

    What do you mean when you want to indicate if a filter was changed through SisenseJS? (your image is from the native app so I'm a bit confused)

    Do you import the filter item/panel into your page?

    and you want to perform some logic when an item is picked under your website?

    If it is the case, you can just check if the filter item element is under your page and not 'iFrame' or the native app:

    That logic should be applied in 'filterschanged' event (see our dev site for more info)

     and whenever a user picks that value, you can change it to another value by changing the member selected in the object.


    Let me know if it settles your question.



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    IT Department

    Lidor - could you please provide a code snippet for the function you described?  This sounds very much like something I have been trying to do (adjust color of Pivots due to a filter selection/change).


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