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    Brian Bontrager (Edited )

    Yes, running the latest download will upgrade your installation in-place with no other migration or uninstall needed.

    Your backups in step 1 are a good idea. The upgrade won't touch your plugins folder. Elasticubes built in 6.4 work fine in 6.6.  If anything changed "under the hood" the next build will take care of that.

    If you have installed any plugins, check the forum post where you originally downloaded each plugin to see if there is a new version for 6.6.  Some plugins may need updated when moving to a new version.  Make sure to test a dashboard that uses each plugin right away.

    A reboot is not necessary. The relevant IIS process should be restarted as part of the upgrade. I do make a point to log out and back in and recreate my start menu shortcuts to Elasticube Manager and Server Console.



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