D3 Force Directed Network Diagram



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    Antti Wolk

    I want to open linked dahsboard if user clicks the node using nod ids.

    What is the better way to do this?

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    Shikha Garg

    how can i enable Dashboard filters to impact the numbers shown in the node size.. ?

    By default, the Dashboard Filters is disabled. And I cant enable it..

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    Andrew Clauson

    Hi, I'm not getting any nodes showing up for my Linked Node ID's (irrespective of the data set or type; no javascript errors in the Console), any ideas on how to troubleshoot / fix? 

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    Ronen Avidor

    Hi Andrew,

    Your dataset will need to include the relationship between the nodeid and the link node ids. A good example is Employees table that includes the EmployeeID & EmployeeManagerID fields.

    I hope that this makes sense


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    Andrew Clauson

    Hi Ronen


    Not sure I understand what you mean at a technical level. If my data has one table, with columns for Dog Name, Dog Food Brand, and Leash Length, should I be able to get a diagram showing “link nodes” of Dog Food Brand and “Nodes” of Dog Name? (I can't). Why or why not?

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    Kirk Peterson

    I love this plugin, it's a very fun way to explore the data. I'm wondering what you might do if the direction of the link was important (like if there were loops in the nodes but you wanted to know if the loops went both directions). Is there a better chart type for that situation?

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