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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Brian,

    The code below will hide the 'build date and time' element
    dashboard.on("stylechanged", function(d, args) {
    Depending on many factors, the element may or may not appear for a fraction of a second.
    Please let us know if that worked.  
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    Brian Bontrager

    Thank you!  That worked, with the addition of the missing ); at the end.

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Glad it worked Brian! :) 

    And thanks for letting me know that ); was missing!

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    Brian Bontrager (Edited )

    For benefit of others who find this post,

    The above works in version 7

    In version 6.7 use

    dashboard.on("stylechanged", function(d, args) {
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    Ian Emmons

    Is this still functional in 7.1? I've been unable to get it working.

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    David Burke

    @Ian I'm unable to get it working in 7.1 either.

    I did close the parenthesis that Brian mentioned. I'll play around with it and post if successful.


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