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    Oxana Noa Umansky (Edited )
    Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar yesterday. We explored the latest features included in Sisense 6.7, such as Sisense Narratives, Mobile, Plug-in Management, and more. The recording of this webinar is available on the 6.7 Release webinar page
    During the webinar, we've received so many good questions that due to time constraints we couldn't get to them all. So we decided to post the questions along with the answers here. 
    Q: When using the new export features, does exporting a pivot widget to Excel/CSV still "unpivot" the data to be vertical, or does it truly export in the same format the end-user is seeing on-screen?
    A: It maintain the pivot's layout and structure. Additional formatting and masking capabilities will be introduced in a future release.
    Q: Roadmap items for embedding through Sisense JS . Do we have an REST API for excel export?
    A: There is REST API for excel export, available from version 6.7. It is not currently documented, but will be added shortly.
    Q: So it looks like we still have to install plugins the same way by downloading and saving into the plugin folder?
    A: Currently yes. In the future, you'll be able to upload a new plugin from the plugin admin screen, via a browser.
    Q: ... will we still need to restart the web server when we add a new one?
    A: No, this is now handled by the system. On the plugin page you can see the message: "Plugins build in progress..." that indicates this stage. You will need to refresh the plugin admin web page, and refresh the dashboard web page.
    Q: Will all my current plug-ins in 6.6 be imported to the 6.7 or do we need to fix it again?
    A: There is no infrastructure change from 6.6 to 6.7, so the plugins should continue to work as previously, following upgrade.
    Q: Does the plug-in monitor show all plug-ins (Sisense supported & user developed)?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is there a way to access the specific files from the plugin manager? (for example if we want to update one of the files.
    A: Currently they still need to be updated in the local file system, plugins folder. In our roadmap, we plan to enhance the plugin management capabilities, so you'll be able to upload and download plugin files directly from the plugin admin screen.
    Q: Can Query Recycler and Garbage Collection be turned on / off ?
    A: No, the garbage collector can not be turned off. Please note that Sisense's In-Chip engine includes the query recycler and Garbage Collector, and changes were only made to the Garbage Collector in 6.7.
    Q: Narratives: one example showed a 'show' can a user minimise the narrative if it is added? The 2nd example didn't have this 'show' link.
    A: It depends on your dashboard layout, and the length of the narrative text. The "Show" button only appears when needed, if the text is too long for the allocated space.
    Thank you for joining us! If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments below! 
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