Changing Font Size and Style in Funnel Chart


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    Lisa Jay (Edited )


    I needed to come out of the dashboard to refresh it completely, just by applying did not refresh the font size.  This is now working - Thanks!




    I have tried to use your script however the font size is not changing.

    I changed the script so that the font size is 60px but it is still displaying the same default size.


    //JS to change font style for funnel widget labels by Adi Hecht

    widget.on('ready', function(se, ev){

    _.each($("text" , element), function(label){ //selects each text element in the widget (the "element" object represents the widget"), and runs the function, passing the selected text element as the "label" argument to the function. So the "label" argument represents the "text" element."font-size: 60px; font-family: Arial; font-weight: Bold"; //modifies the style property of the label (which is the text element in the widget). font-family can be "Arial" or "sans-serif" for example. font-weight can be "Bold" or "Normal".





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