MySQL - set transaction isolation level



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    Andrew Block

    Michael what version of Sisense are you on?

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    Michael Pose

    Hello Andrew,

    we are on Version

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    Andrew Block (Edited )

    You may want to verify with support but the issue we came across that was causing build increase (from 6.5 to 6.7) was a log file config and the amount of detail it was storing in the Prism Server logs.

    Again I would run this by your Customer Success Manager or support and see if they think this might be the same issue but I will still provide the step we did to fix it:

    1) Open this file directory - C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\PrismServerLogs

    2) Open in notepad as an administrator (or with notepad++) and open the following file:


    3) Find the <priority value="trace" />

    4) Change the "trace" value to "info"
    5) Save
    6) Initiate the same build to monitor the new build time.




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    Michael Pose

    Ok, we can try that and see if that helps.

    But my initial question was also for some information about the transaction isolation level used by the MySQL data connector and what type of transaction it creates (if any). And also if those settings are configurable. I could not find that documented anywhere.

    Thanks again,


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