Install ElastiCube Manager program only




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    Certainly. For steps on how to achieve please see this guide

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    Si Sense

    Thanks Lee. I was referring to the Elasticube Manager GUI application (rather than the Elasticube Server). i.e. We run the Elasticube Server and Web Server on the same server machine but want to be able to run the Elasticube Manager GUI on our desktops.

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    Si Sense

    I guess this can be done using the configuration file as part of a Silent Installation

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    It is possible to set up one main build server and then point other machines to build on that server.
    To set up you will need licensed server installations and to connect to the main build server via the "Server Console" as illustrated in the attached image.

    ***CAUTION: While this set up will allow multiple data modelers to work concurrently on the same build server, it is extremely important to work in a way that ensures that no modeler build over the changes of the other one. A common practice is to have the different modelers remote into a single server instance to work sequentially***

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    Tim Friesen

    It is still not clear on how to just install the SiSense ElastiCube Manager (Windows application) that can then connect to the ECM on the server.  I want to run the Windows application on my workstation without having to always run it directly on the server.  Is this possible?  Certainly, the silent installation would have been ideal, but there is no information on how to just install this application.  Please provide instructions or a separate installer.

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    Oleksandr Dyklevych

    i have the same question as above

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    Ryan Dill

    It seems this is not really possible at the moment. I had to install the full server package, then just disabled all the 20+ system services it adds except the Sisense.Oxygen licensing service as the manager app won't run without it. 

    Please provide an installation package with just the ElastiCube Manager client app, clearly there is a common use case to run it separately from a workstation. 

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    Alon Ahronberg (Edited )

    Hi Ryan,

    In version 7.0 we added support for the web UI for the ElastiCube Manager: the new Data page.  As we continue to enrich the functionality available on the Data page, we are nearly reaching feature parity of the web UI with the desktop ElastiCube Manager application. Additionally, new functionality for data modeling is being added to the Data page, that doesn't exist in the ElastiCube desktop manager. 

    We have added the Data Designer role, and enriched access control for ElastiCubes.  The intention is for Data Designers to use the Data page for creating and editing ElastiCubes, in a shared environment.

    The Data Page can of course be accessed via web browser and doesn't require any desktop installation.

    We don't plan to continue to invest in the ElastiCube manager desktop application, as the "Data" page is the next generation version of the application.

    I would be interested to hear if you've had the opportunity to use the "Data" page, and if so, what you think of it.


    Alon Ahronberg

    Product Manager 

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