Waterfall Chart (HighCharts)



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    Note: With some modifications, this widget can also display the contribution of each dimension, in percentage, to the change from the [Start Metric] to the [End Metric].


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    Jose Quintero

    Has this plugin been updated to the latest version of Sisense?  I successfully installed it but when I try to use it, I get an error message (This should not be happening. Contact system administrator for assistance.) no matter what values I try to use for the Dimension field in the widget.

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    Michiel Moes

    I tried a fe things but I am not able to change the up and down color, how can I change those?

    I tried adding this to the script of the widget

    widget.on("beforeviewloaded", function (w, args) {
         args.options.plotOptions.waterfall.color = '#f0fbee';
         args.options.plotOptions.waterfall.upColor = '#fc7570';

    But it does not work


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    Oksana Partridge

    The chart is not printable to pdf. Is it possible to have it on pdf?

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    Ronen Avidor

    Hi Oksana,

    This is now fixed! Please download the latest version and give it a try.


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    Oksana Partridge

    Does not work for me. Is the latest link on the top of this page?

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    Ronen Avidor

    yes latest link on top of the page, just test it again it works on this side, see below


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    Oksana Partridge

    It works in the viewer but does not print to pdf

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    Stefan Castino


    Change the widget.js script on lines 289-290 to 

                    upColor: 'HEXCOLOR',
                    color: 'HEXCOLOR1',

    With 'HEXCOLOR' indicating #649BEF, etc.

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    jyothsana P


    Is there a way to appear labels for [start metric] and [end metric] dynamically in the waterfall chart, when we change the years in filters?

    In my usecase, there is data for yearly, half-yearly and quarterly for 4 years. I have kept custom filters to select desired time periods for the users in the waterfall chart and named filters as [Timeperiod1] and [Timeperiod2]. When I select year as 2017 in [Timeperiod1] and 2018 in [Timeperiod2], the bars is not displaying these years. Instead it display [Timeperiod1] and [Timeperiod2] in the chart. The users would like to see whatever they select timeperiod1 filter, should appear in chart where startmetric refering to. Similarly for endmetric too.


    Jyothsna P J

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