Gantt Chart



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    Michael Becker

    Hi Aviad,

    Very nice plugin! Although icon on the widget list for it seems not to work properly.



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    Evan York

    Silly request but can you attach this plugin as a .zip in addition to .rar?

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    Sinu Joseph

    There is an issue with the plugin. There is a lag in the header and the rows because of which the data representation doesnt seems correct.

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    Aviad Lotan

    Thank you Michael & Evan for your comments
    I attached a new zip  file with a fix to the icon issue

    Sinu - we will look into that, just 

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    Sinu Joseph

    Hi All, 

                   I did a work around to solve this issue. 

    • Go to plugins folder
    • Go to Ganttwidget folder
    • Open the file style.css.
    • find .fn-gantt .day, .fn-gantt .date 
    • Change width: 25px;
    • Save the file
    • restart IIS



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    Aviad Lotan

    Sinu, thank you for sharing !
    Grate solution 

    Attached is a fixed version of it
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    Aviad Harell

    If you want more descriptive tooltips, just search for the following line of code in widget.js

    val1['desc'] = s.queryResult.$$rows[i][0].text + ' / ' + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][1].text + ' / ' +  s.queryResult.$$rows[i][4].text;

    and change it to something like this

    var description = "<p>" + s.rawQueryResult.headers[0] + ": " + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][0].text + "</br></br>" 
    + s.rawQueryResult.headers[1] + ": " + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][1].text + "</br></br>"
    + s.rawQueryResult.headers[4] + ": " + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][4].text + "</p>"; val1['desc'] = description;



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    Stuart Crane

    Hello, is there anyway to change the colour of the date range CPA bar from pink to a different colour? Also the rows do not line up, is there any way of changing the plugin so they do?

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    Pluripharm IT

    documentation can be found here:

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    Pluripharm IT

    This plugin depends on the string representation of the from and to date. 

    This may lead to a wrong intepretation of the dates: 

    Date(01 dec 2015) is represented as String(01-12-2015 ) and interpreted by Date.parse() as Date(12 jan 2015)

    Date.getTime() should be used instead.

    This bug in  widget.js can be fixed by using the code below

    //val1['from'] = '/Date(' + Date.parse(s.queryResult.$$rows[i][2].text) + ')/';
    val1['from'] = '/Date(' + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][2].data.getTime() + ')/';

    //val1['to'] = '/Date(' + Date.parse(s.queryResult.$$rows[i][3].text) + ')/';
    val1['to'] = '/Date(' + s.queryResult.$$rows[i][3].data.getTime() + ')/';

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    Galin Nikolov

    The plugins doesn't seems to work in the last version of SiSense. Can you correct that?

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    rahul singh


    How can I show item wise single row in Gannt Chart.

    For example, for project P-1, if an activity i.e. 'Site Visit' is planned every Friday for one day. Currently, the Gantt Chart will be plotted and will show separate rows for Site visit.

    While, I want to show single row for 'Site Visit' where the chart will be plotted on different due dates.




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    Aware Manager

    Can anyone help with the parameters to adjust to make the left panel wider, e.g. so I don't see ellipses in the Item names?

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    Malinda Jepsen

    I am trying to use this in 6.7. When I add the plugin to the folder, the site won't start (IIS). Is anyone using this in 6.7?

    I would also like it to display run times, with the grain of the x axis being a time field rather than date. Is that possible?

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    Ian Emmons

    This is really nice. One thing I'd ask for is that the buttons in the bottom just get replaced with scroll bars. I think it makes sense to just match the behavior of the pivot table.

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