Filter drill down fields per widget



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    Tried this . Got the Plug-in but did not work. 

    //Script to disable "Drill-into" functionality on a specific widget
    //This will work only if there is no script related to Drill-into at the Dashboard level

    var fieldsToKeep = [];
    var fieldsToRemove = ['[Revenue_Detail.ProjectNumber]'];
    prism.FilterDrillDownFieldsPerWidget(widget, fieldsToKeep, fieldsToRemove);

    I have 8 tables in the elasticube. How do I not show 7 tables and display certain columns in one table?



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    Tony Fonager

    Seems like this is not in

    Any updated versions of the script ?

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    support cessoftware

    This plugin does not work with version, when trying to use the field selector during editing of widgets, the field selector box does not populate.

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    Graeme Davidson

    Hi, I can't get it to work, but I may be doing something wrong.  Also, I don't want to permanently remove the filters.  just remove them now, so that the next time they use them it will be the correct filters.


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    Samuel Mendu (Edited )

    Plug In is not working for date-time fields

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