Adding a regression line to chart



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    David Hertzberg

    Thanks a lot ! I did not test it yet, but I already have one request : is it possible to extend the time period ? I use regression line as trend line in order to show a probable "landing figure". For instance, in retail, using the revenue for each day of the current month, being able to predict the total revenue by the end of month. At the begining of the month result is very uncertain, but as you approach the 20th or so, you have a pretty good ability to predict what will happen. Same for yearly revenue based on month ...

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi David,

    If I understand you correctly, I believe you are seeking a projection analysis.

    Please see this forum post on Future trend analysis:



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    Sean Bous

    Can you suggest a way to make this work on a scatter chart where there is also a Break By?



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    Malinda Jepsen

    I have a line chart that I want to plot 3 values.  Two of them are in one table ($$) and one is in another (%).  I tried creating a custom SQL statement to UNION ALL the results, however, the one value is a different scale (%) so I want it on the right axis.  Can I add a series line to do something like this?

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    Just upgraded to 6.4 and this plugin no longer works - please advise.

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    Mike van

    Also broken in 6.5.2 or so it appears, any updates to the widget, we were using it in many reports

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi all,

    I want to update, that we are aware of the issues with this plugin and looking into providing an appropriate solution. 

    Make sure to follow this post to receive notifications on future updates on this plugin. 



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    Jim Thomas

    Doesn't seem to be working for Version:  Since I need to do one trend line on a chart with 4 lines the alternates suggested won't work for me.  Any info on when this will be fixed?

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