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    Michael Becker

    @Tim - have you shared jump to dashboards with other users? If not they won't be able to access them via this plugin.

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    @Michal, thanks for you answer. 

    Since we use 1 sisense user for all our employees and all dashboards are shared with that user, the user should be able to access these dashboards. At least, using the normal navigationbar on the left, the user can reach these dashboards. So that's not the issue.

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    Michael Becker

    @Tim - it sounds strange, I suggest you rise a ticket with support for this.

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    Nishad Amin

    Has anyone run into issues with a measure having multiple filters  ([ActivityName], [Flag], [Total CountActivity]) on a pivot widget?  If I have two filters on a measure (different than the dashboard filters) the Drill TO dashboard seems only honor on or the other.



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    Iris Maessen

    I am seeing something similar to Mike on March 5, 2016.

    We have a popup set on an indicator widget, and clicking it does pop up the dashboard, but it's slow to show data. When trying to close this popup, it appears that in fact multiple popups had opened on top of each other, with the topmost one loading last.

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    Eyal Levin


    I've tried to implement the jump to dashboard from an image widget, I've updated all the plugins. 

    now there are 2 events:

    1. click anywhere in the widget except the image triggers "jump to dashboard"
    2. click on the image triggers jump to the URL in the widget or to home if URL is blank..

    Am I missing something?



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    Michael Becker

    @Eyal - Hi, recently Image was updated so you can place a link behind it, so my guess would be that it interfers with Jump to Dashboard. It looks like Image setup is overriding Jump to links. I suggest rising a ticket for that.

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    Mike van

    Is there a trick to choose what column to show the link on for type 2 versus always having a link on all columns?

    It would also be nice if each column could link to a different report.

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    Mike van

    Also would it be possible to set a custom date filter on click, for instance I have a column that show last 3 months and last 12 months when I click on them I'd like to pass the Last 3 months filter versus the filter that happens to be selected.

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    I am having an issue with Jump to Dashboard, when clicked it seems to open multiple pop ups on top of one another. One press can open up to 5 pop up dashboards sometimes (seems to get better if I refresh the page).

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    Still figuring this all out, but I was wondering if you could use the modal settings with the popup setting. I'd like to be able to size the popup if possible. Thanks!

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    Hi guys.  This doesn't seem to work for me in the latest version

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    Nancy Sipley

    Did anyone ever get an answer on how to resize the pop-up window.  I'm getting a LOT of complaints from users about that.  I've scanned all these posts and have seen the same question but no answer yet...  

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    David Wit


    Just tried using the ModalWindowWidth parameter at the widget level script. 

    prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, {displayDashboardsPane : false, displayFilterPane : true,displayToolbarRow : false, hideDrilledDashboards : true, displayHeaderRow:false, modalWindowWidth: 450});

    It works fine.  As I decrease the number the width of the pop up window gets smaller. 

    I didn't scan for the original question so maybe I am missing something.

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    Nancy Sipley

    Thank you, David!  Although my users want to be able to freely size the window up & down (like a standard window) this works and definitely helps until I can find out how (or if) I can allow free resizing.  Thanks again!!!

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    Rajiv Acharya

    Has anyone gotten this to work for Sisense 6.5?  We are using Version:  After following the instructions on adding the plugin to the plugin folder, I am unable to see the option available in the menu for either an indicator widget nor a column chart as original examples portray.  Please see the attached screenshots.


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    Michael Becker

    @Rajiv - there is a parameter drilledDashboardPrefix in config.j file within js folder for this plugin. By default it has value "_drill_" and it means that menu option to setup jump to will appear only if there are any dashboards with this prefix defined. Either add this prefix to dashboards that you want to jump into, or change this parameter to "" string and then you should see menu option and all dashboards. Hope it helps. 

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    Rajiv Acharya

    @Michael - Thanks for the tip!  Yes, I actually did have my drill dashboard prefixed with the default "_drill_" prefix as mentioned.  However, the issue was that the both the main dashboard and the one to drill to needed to be based on the same Elasticube.  Fixed the issue and works like a charm!

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    ganesh dixit

    But, for a Bar chart without selecting any field in Category section, it is not supporting the JumptoDashboard feature!!.

    Any reason behind that?

    When i am taking any field in Category section then it is supporting this feature.

    But, I need this feature without touching Category section.

    Please help on this.




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    Edward Newbeck (Edited )

    Not sure if anyone else is having, or had, a similar issue.  I recently updated to 6.6 and I lost the jump to selection in my option drop down.  My widgets that I created prior to the upgrade still work fine, and the option is listed.  Any ideas?


    I figured it out.  Real stupid error on my part.  The target dashboard had a different cube, so there were no dashboards to jump to.

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    Gopinath Venkataramanan


    I have a pivot table with few columns, and I am trying to jump or drill down to a different dashboards, is it possible?

    If thats not possible, atleast can I disable the clickable link from other columns, and let the user be able to click from one column which will be appropriate for the drill down dashboard being designed?

    Appreciate your time on this.


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    Leslie Ambrose


    When I add script options to a widget, I can no longer access the menu for specifying the drill-to dashboard.  If I remove the script, the option is back.  This is Sisense 6.5 on Chrome.  

    Is this a known issue?  Or is my script the problem?

    {drilledDashboardDisplayType:2, displayDashboardsPane:false,
    displayToolbarRow:false, displayHeaderRow:false,
    drillToDashboardRightMenuCaption:"Jump to Revenue Center Detail",
    displayFilterPane:false,drilledDashboardsFolderPrefix: "Drill"});



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    Chen Opatovsky

    If you’re implementing the Jump to Dashboard plugin in a Pivot widget, you might notice that the pivot cells turn into hyperlinks with a default blue underlined font. You can remove the hyperlink formatting and change the style of the Pivot cells, by using the script below:

    widget.on('ready', function(se, ev){


     $('.p-value a',element)

     .css({'color': 'red' , 'text-decoration':'none'}) // change styling



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    Deepthy George

    Is there a way to use separate set of filters for the main dashboard and the target dashboard? 

    My problem is when I am using JumpToDashboard plugin, the filters on the target dashboard are getting replaced with the filters on my main dashboard. Tried to use includeFilterDims parameter, but using this I can add only those filters which are already present in the main dashboard, not new ones. There are few filters I would like to add only at the target dashboard level which I don't want to include in the main dashboard.

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Deepthy,

    Thanks for your comment. Let me check with the team and get back to you on that.

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    Malinda Jepsen

    I am trying to get this to work on multiple widgets on one page.  For two of the widgets, a bar chart and a scatter plot, when I jump to the dashboard, the correct filters are getting set. In other words, if I select one bar or one circle, that particular set of rows are in the jump to dashboard. For the bar chart, the attribute is on the "Category", for the Scatter Plot, the attribute is in the "Break By".

    However, on another widget that is a scatter plot, when I click on one circle, it appears that none of the filters are getting passed to the _drill_ dashboard because it returns all of the rows, not just the 1 represented in the scatter plot. In this widget, the attribute is in the "Point" and "X-Axis".

    I do not have any custom JavaScript on any of the widgets.

    Should I have any filters on my _drill_ dashboard? I have the same filters from the parent dashboard currently.

    Any ideas on what I might be missing? 

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    Chris Morris (Edited )

    Edit: Issues resolved, got it working



    Hi Im trying to remove all settings from the pop up window using the supplyed options, can I check that the js is added to the widget that you click on to generate the pop up?


    prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, {drilledDashboardDisplayType:2, 
    displayFilterPane:false, displayDashboardsPane:dispfal
    se, layToolbarRow:false, displayHeaderRow:false });
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    Alex Aguero

    I'm currently having an issue where the option to select a _Drill_ dashboard is not appearing when I edit my widget. I have installed the latest and greatest and have 2 _Drill_ dashboards ready to go, however, I cannot set them to their related parent dashboard. Any help out there? 

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    Andrew Block


    Please make sure you use "_drill_" instead of "_Drill_" it is case sensitive.

    Also please make sure you have published the _drill_ dashboard with the users you want to access it

    Let me know if this works


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    Alex Aguero

    Hey @Andrew, thanks for your input. Unfortunately they already have the _drill (my mistake in the original post) and the dashboard has already been published. Another details... When I first installed the plugin, the initial dashboard I made to _drill, was available. Now this SAME dashboard is not available to drill down to. Only on the original "parent"  dashboard is it available. 

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