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    Michael Becker

    Hi Alex,

    go to Jump to Dashboard plugin folder and go to js folder, in there you will find config.js file. There is a setting for drilled dashboard prefix, change it to empty string. This way you will see all of them. I would then correct any naming issue, set jump to again, and then reinstate proper prefix. 

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    Iris Maessen

    Do you have multiple elasticubes/datasources? If so, are the new dashboard and the _drill dashboards on the same source?

    I found I could only assign a drilldashboard if the parent dashboard was on the same data source as the parent, even if the datasources shared their structure.



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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi all,

    Please note that the plugin was updated. You can find the details at the bottom of the post. 

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    Chris Morris

    has anyone experienced any issues with drillToDashboardNavigateTypePivot since the last update We used to be able to right click and select the jump to option for pivots (options 1) but since the last update we can not longer get this option to work, we can only get option 2 with each cell hyperlinked to work

    We have turned off all plugs apart from jump to and the issue continues


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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Chris, 

    I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with the plugin. 

    I've opened a ticket for our team to review this. 

    We'll comment here with an update/fix asap.



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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for commenting with the issue. Our team have looked into it and fixed the plugin. Please download the latest version from the official add-ons page and let us know if the plugin works for you as expected. 

    Here is the link: (also found in the post).



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    Antti Wolk


    I have exactly the same questions as Mike has mentioned before but got not answered.

    I have a pivot table and by default all numbers are highlighted. I would like to be able to select the column which is highlighted and further I would like to show different drill dashboards per column. Is that possible?

    Is it also possible to highlight a column with text?


    Thank you very much


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    BI Reporting


    We are facing an issue after updating to 7.0.2 of Sisense with the jumpToDashboard plugin. 

    We updated the plugin to the most recent version available. However, it seems to be not working with Cascading / Dependent filters in place. For Example, the link on the Pivot table values disappears and wont let you jumpto a drill dashboard.

    However, it works properly if we try to create a new widget and apply the jumpToDashboard even with the Dependent Filters

    Has anyone faced a similar kind of issue? Any Suggestions / Resolutions will be helpful.

    Thank You in advance!

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    Karen Mullner

    What IE11 settings are required for the drillto to open? We never have an issue with these opening in Chrome, and they sometimes work on IE11, but not others. Are there specific IE11 settings that prevent the drillto from opening? There are no warnings, errors, etc. that appear to help troubleshoot. 

    Thank you. 

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    Mike van

    Has anyone found a way to change a date filter in the script for a widget before jumping through.

    Specifically, I have 

    - A filter set the 5/31/2018

    - A widget that displays a count based on YTDSUM(ProjectsStarted)

    - When I click the widget I want to pass through the filter 1/1/2018 through 5/31/2018 and not just 5/31/2018

    This way on a jump I could show the actual projects that where started

    I wonder if there is some way to do this using the jump to dashboard widget?

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    Iris Maessen

    I'm seeing a strange issue with embedded dashboards, in that the jump-to-dashboard plugin doesn't take into account the most recent filters set on the dashboard, instead using the filters the dashboard is loaded with as embedded.

    For drilling into a dashboard from an indicator widget, this is inconvenient but can be worked around by including the filter pane in the drill dashboard. But this makes the use of the jump dashboard from a pivot completely useless -- the filter from the pivot row is not included on the drill dashboard.

    (I already submitted a ticket for this, but perhaps someone here has ideas)

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    Avi Tavdi

    @Antti Wolk

    Jumping from same widget to different dashboards is currently not supported, we'll review the request and see if it can  be incorporated in future versions.


    @BI Reporting

    Looks like undesired behavior, it will require troubleshooting, please open a ticket and we'll follow up.


    @Karen Mullner

    Im not familiar with any special IE issues, when it happens can try opening developer tools (F12) and see if there are any error there?


    @Mike Van

    The required functionality is currently not supported. Please reach out to your customer success manager and we'll review the request with him


    @Iris Maessen

    Im not sure I completely understood the issue, since you submitted a ticket, we'll have someone take a look at it.


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    Antti Wolk


    I guess it is not possible to use the "jump to dashboard" with the "Aggregated Table" plugin so far.
    When do you plan to implement this?

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    Cache McClure

    I'm having the same issue as Iris Maessen. When I use the Jump-to-Dashboard widget, only the default filter settings from the main dashboard are used, regardless of whether those settings have been changed. I've attached two screenshots to illustrate the point. The one named Main_edit.jpg shows the main dashboard with a filter named "Feedyard" visible. You can see that the selection is limited to "10156". The other screenshot named Jump_edit.jpg shows the Jumped-to dashboard (display type 2) with the main dashboard visible in the background and the filter pane visible in the Jumped-to dashboard. As you can see, the selection in the "Feedyard" filter is changed back to the default value for the main dashboard, "10135", rather than the selected value of "10156". The plug-in isn't passing through the current filter selections from the main dashboard to the Jumped-to dashboard. Kind of takes away the whole point of having a Jump-to-Dashboard widget.

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    Darchele Webb

    I am having trouble with this plug-in causing IE 11 to crash in certain circumstances. I am using Sisense version and have the latest version of the plug-in.

    I think I've narrowed the problem down to when there is a Table-type widget that contains data (not empty) on the dashboard above the "jumpable" widget. In this scenario the dashboard initially loads just fine, but attempting to jump to the other dashboard causes IE to crash immediately:

    When I change the type of the Table widget and make it a Pivot widget, or if I move the Table widget to a separate column to the right of the jumpable widget, the jump is successful and IE does not crash. 

    Chrome is able to jump successfully without changing the widget type or position. 

    Unfortunately, as an OEM we really need this to work in IE so it is compatible with our software. Changing all our table widgets to pivots might be workable but certainly wouldn't be ideal. Right now this issue is a barrier for us to upgrade from Sisense version 6.6.0 to 7.1.2.

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    Michael Mendez

    We seem to be having issues with certain widget types under 7.0.2, where only indicators and pivots will work. Other supported types like bar and column charts let us select a jumpto destination, and show the jumpable icon, but nothing happens. We have no errors in Chrome console.

    Our dev environment is running 7.2 (unsupported as of yet, I know), and the problem persists there as well, and it occur in both chrome, firefox, and IE. I've installed the latest available version and cycle the plugin off/on to no avail. 

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    Brian Wilson

    If I have DashboardAlpha with Filter1 and Filter2, I know how to jump to DashboardBeta and pass both filters, one filter, or no filters.

    However, if DashboardBeta already has an existing Filter3, can I leave that one intact when I jump to that dashboard?

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    Marc Saunders

    I seem to be having an issue where a  drill Dashboard has been published, but when i remove the access and do a republish other users who use the JumpTo get a 404 error, it appears that after a publish you need to have the groups in there ot it will not operate.

    Using 7.2.

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    Yuri Nazarov

    FYI - if you need to use the widget script to modify the jTD behavior, boolean true or false parameter values must be in all lower case. for example:

    // to open the jTD as a popup, then hide filter pane, dashboard pane and the toolbar:
    prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, { displayFilterPane :false, drilledDashboardDisplayType :2,displayDashboardsPane :false, displayToolbarRow :false });
    The list of possible configuration parameters is listed here: , just make sure to ignore mixed case True / False in that article and use lowercase true or false instead.
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    James McKenzie (Edited )

    Cache McClure and  Iris Maessen, I too have experienced trouble with the filters failing to pass to the jumped-to dashboard. It seems that filter passing only works when you are the owner of the jumped-to dashboard.

    Sisense dev team, I believe you can fix this by passing the filters as a query parameter into the iframe url instead of doing a PATCH on the jumped-to dashboard via the REST API.





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    Delsaran Bigglesworth

    I'm having an issue where when I try to select a target dashboard, there's only one target available; even though I have like 6 dashboards that hold the prefix.


    I'm also having the same issue as James McKenzie, Cache McClure and  Iris Maessen It's displaying like it is using the filters but its not filter the data.

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    Elliott Herz

    Hey Delsaran,

    It's probably because of 1 of 2 things:

    1) The other _drill dashboards are using different elasticubes

    2) The other _drill dashboards are located in different folders.


    Regardless, if you add the JTD as a widget script instead of using the checkbox, it'll work fine.



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    Marc Saunders

    We have found the best practise for Jump-Tos are to keep them in the same folder as the linked dashboard, this way it does keep it simple, plus for administration they are both in the same place and they relate.

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    Marc Saunders (Edited )

    We are experiencing problems with jumpto in IE 11, i am using version 11.0.105.


    As an editor the jumpto option on the widget does not appear on the menu, so therefore cannot select a dashboard to jump to.

    As a view user no defined jumptos are available, it is almost like the plugin is not loading at all, on inspection of the code of the dashboard the icon where it would display that a jump to is available it not even included in the code.


    This works fine in Google Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge 41.16299.820.0.


    Does anyone have any clues about settings for IE11??

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    David Wit

    Script documentation indicates that drilledDashboardDisplayType parameter default is 1 which is new tab.  However when you do not enter this parameter, default is to open in Popup.?  When I use the parameter and enter any of the choices, it does not seem to have any effect.  I tried putting the selection with and without quotes.

    prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, {drilledDashboardDisplayType:'1',displayDashboardsPane : false, displayFilterPane : false,displayToolbarRow : false, hideDrilledDashboards : true, displayHeaderRow:false});

    Default Value: 1
    Possible Values:1 New tab 2 Popup window 3 Current tab

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    Hamza Jap-Tjong

    Is anybody else experience longer loading times with this plugin enabled? We see an increase of 4  to 5 seconds when enabling this plugin. From an end-user perspective this means a fast or slow moving dashboard.

    Is there a way this can be fixed?

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    Tripti Jaiswal

    Hi ,

    Is there a way ,were in we can make some of the measure column links unclickable.


    Tripti J Thakur

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    Iris Maessen

    In the most recent version of this plugin, combined with Sisense 7.4.0, I'm no longer seeing the option to assign a Jump dashboard in the widget menu. (Even after deactivating all other plugins)

    Existing JTDs work, and I can assign a JTD through Blox so I assume I can also still assign a JTD using the widget script but I would prefer the assignment through the menu.

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    Sagi Nusseri


    I am a new user. 

    I enabled the Jump to plug in and used it.

    For some reason, I cannot share it with any user or group. 

    Other users can see the jump to option when right clicking but it does not open the _drill_ dashboard.

    When I am trying to share, I dont see any user or group in the list.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    Iris Maessen

    Hi Sagi,


    Did you also share the _drill dashboard? If you haven't shared it, your other users won't be able to see it.

    You may need to search for users to share the dashboard with.


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