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    Iris Maessen

    I found why I couldn't assign dashboards through the menu option any more -- the behavior of the prefix detection is different. Now it actually needs to be a prefix... (I had the prefix set to be a underscore, one being present in a dashboard name used to suffice). With the prefix set to none I can assign dashboards to my heart's content.

    It would be nice if, when the option to show the folder name in the selection menu is active, the dashboards could be sorted alphabetically by foldername (or even generally, alphabetically by dashboardname). Now they seem to be sorted by dashboardId  (or something -- I can detect no true pattern) with lots of drilldashboards, finding the right one can become very inconvenient.

    In addition, something I'm not sure is a bug or a feature but it's something I'm noticing because I'm experimenting more with JTD at the moment -- *only* the filters from the parent dashboard (and/or widget) are set on the jump dashboard, erasing the filters that were already on there even if the parent dashboard doesn't do anything with them. I don't think that used to happen, but even if it did -- is there a way to preserve those filters? I don't want to put them all on the parent widget (if I even can)


    (7.4.0 with most recent JTD)

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    Sagi Nusseri

    Thank you Iris,

    Yes, when I try to share it, There are no users or group in the options list.

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    Iris Maessen

    Hi Sagi,

    That's strange; you should be able to search for some at least.

    Do you maybe have adblocker or scriptblocker addons in your browser? I remember those used to give me issues sharing dashboards.

    Otherwise, is your dashboard perhaps on a different data source that no users have rights to yet?


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