Add Image Indicator to a Pivot Table



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    Adi Hecht

    Is there a way to add indications based on a formula, specifically based on rank? for example a gold medal for to agent by sales, silver medal for 2nd agent, bronze for 3rd, and no medal for the rest?

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    Sean Coughlan

    It would be great also to have the ability to change the colour of the arrow indicators.

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    Lucas Soo Hoo

    I am not finding a PivotIndicator folder to download. Also, once those thresholds are set in the default, can they be changed for individual widgets, or do they have to stay with whatever is set on the default for all of them?

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    Dear Lucas,

    The plugin has just been updated and now you can choose different treshold for each column.

    Please delete the old plugin from the plugin folder and download the new one.

    Best Regards,


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    OJ Chakrabarti


    These are great but is it possible to have an indicator to show if the two values have decreased or increased?

    There is one for the indicator widget as you know the two values

    // Define threshold
    var threshold = 0;
    // Get the indicator's value
    var value =;


    Would be great to be able to the same in the pivot if you can define the two columns to compare?





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    Jim Thomas

    I agree it would be great to be able to do indications based on a formula.  

    Regards, Jim

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    David Rogers

    It would also be useful to have the indicator reflect the value of another field.  For example, We have a Turnover field, and a set of Turnover thresholds.  We want to display the Turnover value and display the indicator based on the value relative to the thresholds e.g. Gold if Turnover < 7% (the top threshold value for Turnover).  The thresholds are different for each field.

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