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    Ido Darnell

    Hi Michael,

    Please try to restart the services below by doing the following:

    1) Open the Control Panel 
    2) Administrative tools 
    3) Services 
    4) For each of the services, please find them in the list and repeat steps 5&6, in the following order:


    5) Right-click on it and select Stop (make sure its status field becomes blank) 
    6) Right-click on it and select Start (make sure its status field changes to "Running")

    In case SisenseWebExpress is not installed, restart the IIS web server:

    1. In your start menu type 'cmd'.
    2. Right click the shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator"
    3. In the command line, type: "iisreset" hit Enter and wait for the IIS server to restart.
    4. close the command prompt window.

    Refresh your Web Browser page.

    Please let me know whether this resolves your issue.




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    Restarting the Sisense services did the trick.  Thanks.

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