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    Gary Connolly

    I appreciate the effort to help, however I don't understand the logic of the config file, can you explain this using the Status example (The example cube and dashboard are corrupt to me).

    You have a field in your cube source file call STATUS with the record types  'Fail','Medium','AboveAverage','High''Amazing'

    You then create a custom field lets say called STATUS_SORT with converts the STATUS records to CASE '01Fail','02Medium','03AboveAverage','04High','05Amazing'


    In this case I don't understand what to put in the config file - do I put in 'var dimensionsToChange = ["[Commerce.Status]"]', and then put the STATUS_SORT in the Rows value of the chart widget? - how does that create a relationship between STATUS and STATUS SORT 

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    Gary Connolly

    Just checking am I completely missing the point which is that the field I add to the Widget is STATUS_SORT, and that in the config I add 'var dimensionsToChange = ["[Commerce.STATUS_SORT]"]', ... because the whole point is that it's not the order sort that the script does, as what the script actually does is remove the first 2 characters of the STATUS_SORT Field, i.e. the script removes the first 2 characters of any field in the chart!

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    Gary Connolly

    I got this working, realise now that what is does is remove the first 2 characters ... different than I expected however it will solve my issues,  great thanks

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    Tom McDonald

    Can you show an example of the correct format to add multiple sets of dimensions to be changed to var dimensionsToChange?  

    var dimensionsToChange = ["[Commerce.DayofWeek]","[Commerce.MonthName]"];
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    There is a small bug when you use the custom fields in break by - 

    The sort is working, but the leading numbers not gone (01,02,03...)

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    test user

    I am agree with Gilad, Sorting is working but the prefix is also showing which should not be shown.

    Is it bug or we are still missing something.

    /Ganesh Dixit

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    Michelle Mangion (Edited )

    I also have followed the instructions to the exact line but it is not working . I still get the 01Januaru, 02February etc.


    P.S.  I have downloaded the latest version of the plugin and it is working fine for me now.

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Thanks for letting us know Michelle!

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    José Manuel Flores Medina

    thank you very much everyone for your contributions

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    Kenneth Clebak

    I'm also seeing the digits not being removed. I suspect it has to do with my EC not using a real table - I picked the first table in my database, and then did custom SQL query (the only way I can put in custom SQL, as far as I know) so my data isn't truly coming from that table, it's like a placeholder. In the EC Manager, the table shows as "dbo.AF00100".  I've tried putting in various versions of the table and column names into the config files. Here's my config:

    var dimensionsToChange = ["[AF00100.MonthSorted]","[dbo.AF00100.MonthSorted]","[MonthSorted]","[GL00100.MonthSorted]","[TMPResults.MonthSorted]"];

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Carly Smallwood


    Is there any way this plugin could be extended to work for Pivot Tables as well?


    Carly Smallwood

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    Jon Saunders

    Works great - exactly what was needed!  Thanks for your work on this.

    Jon Saunders

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    Air Canada Air Canada

    Have tried, leading number still there, has anyone get leading number removed? any example?


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    Ravid Paldi

    Yuming, from our experience that happens a lot.

    Few out of the box troubleshooting suggestions that you can try that usually works for our clients: 

    1) If you are using the plugin on multiple widgets, try replacing the order of fields in the config file.

    For example, replace this

    "var dimensionsToChange = ["[avocado.csv.PriceRange]","[avocado.csv.VolumeRange]"];"


    "var dimensionsToChange = ["[avocado.csv.VolumeRange]","[avocado.csv.PriceRange]"];

    2) Try upgrading/downgrading to a slightly different version of the Sisense server. 

    3) Try completly removeing the widget, and remove rom the congiguration. Reset your IIS and re-add the widget. 


    Ping me if you need further assistance



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    Percy Chiang

    Is there any way to work for Pivot Tables as well?


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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Darrell,

    For pivots, what I've used is creating an order table, adding that order as a row in the pivot and then making the width of the row 0.

    So, in the cube, I either do a lookup or a join to get this setup:

    Month | Order
    Jan | 1
    Feb | 2
    Mar | 3
    Apr | 4
    Dec | 12

    And then in the pivot, I add ORDER to the rows and then MONTH to the rows

    And then in the script, I use this

    widget.on("ready", function(widget, args) {

    var cat_column = "[fidx=0]";

    //hide first column
    $('[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]').find(cat_column).css("width", "0px");
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    Percy Chiang

    Thank you

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    Janet Erdman

    Does this work on Pie Charts?

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