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    Andrew Block

    Would be nice to get this functionality with a gauge to go along with the bar chart! Any ideas how to use this with a gauge?

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    Scott Vickers

    Any way to set the ranges via a function?  Would be super cool to base them on quartile or something similar.

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    Lucas Soo Hoo

    Where is the zip file download for this?

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    Oxana Noa Umansky

    Hi Lucas, 

    There is a BulletChart.rar file at the bottom of the post. Please let me know if you have issues with the download.



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    Phillip Smith

    Any plans to make the ranges a formula instead of just a fixed amount?

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    shani adani

    Hi Phillip,

    Sorry, but for now we do not have plans of doing so. 

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    Matan Peleg


    Does the plug-in work on 6.5.2?

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    Alok Devkota


    We upgraded our test server to and detected this plugin caused the following issues:

    1. When you click the i (Widget details) for information on a particular widget, no information is displayed. 

    2. Any information added to the widget through "Widget Details" is not saved. 

    Removing this plugin resolved both the above issues. I'd suggest updating it to work with the latest version of Sisense. 

    Thank you 

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    shani adani

    Hi Alok,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I uploaded a new version of the plugin with some changes that should handle these issues. 



    The plugin should work on 6.5.2 as well.

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    Yoni Lerner

    Seems to cause issues with the Table With Aggregation plugin 

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    Oksana Partridge

    This plugin does not work in the latest 7.0 version. Looks like range and measure misalignment.

    Would you please fix it or point me to the right direction when I can fix it?


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    shani adani

    Hi Oksana,

    I am happy to inform you we updated the plugin to work on version 7. You can find to new version attached to the forum. Enjoy!

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    Malinda Jepsen

    Is there a way to change the range values through JavaScript since it is offered as a formula in the widget?

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    Shannon Smith

    Hi, I noticed that the latest version of the plugin does not support negative numbers. The previous version we were on did, which allowed for bars that went in either positive or negative direction. Now some of our visualizations are broken. Can this be fixed?

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    Oksana Partridge

    Is it possible to add an ability to change a shape of the marker?

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