Customize Value Labels



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    very nice....

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    Joseph Peters

    This is great!  Can't seem to get it to work on old widgets I'd already created though only new ones.

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    Takashi Binns

    Hi Joseph,

    I tested this out with existing widgets and it seemed to be working fine.  Did you try adding the custom options in the widget editor, clicking apply, and then refreshing the dashboard?

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    Joseph Peters

    Hi Takashi,

    It works on all pre-existing widgets I've tested so far with new series added.  But for some reason there are widgets where the original series don't have the option even though newly created series do.  I think it may be related to the fact that some of the old series were toggled off in the widget.  Not a big deal so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Works great in most of the widgets.  Thanks!

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    Gavin Todes

    There was a minor bug in the javascript - to fix it, I had to change this line:

      panelItem[labelProperty] = jQuery.extend({}, labelOptions);

    To this:

      panelItem[labelProperty] = $.extend({}, labelOptions);


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    Doug Patterson (Edited )

    This doesn't seem to behave as intended if you use a "break by".  It only seems to affect one series.


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