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    Sean Bous

    This is fantastic! Thanks for posting it.


    I have some questions/comments:

    1) For some reason the Child pivot is not hidden even though it's set correctly: css("visibility", "hidden");

    2) Is there a way to add an X sign to close the pop up window?

    3) Is there a way that the Child Pivot can be from another dashboard all together?

    4) Suggestion - I think that after you click the pivot, the selection should get canceled as well.


    Thanks again!



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    Ido Darnell

    Hi Sean,

    regarding number 1, make sure you're referencing the child widget by it's description, make sure to set the description. Also, any widget, not just a pivot table, can be popped up using this code.


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    Hi Ido,

    We tried the script but we're not able to make use of this for our specific needs.

    We are unable to deploy tabbed dashboards as there's currently no way of putting them atop one another and applying a script that shows them one by one. This is a major feature for us as it has been extensively used on most of our reports. This has not been able to serve the purpose as we were able to do using the tabber script deployed in the earlier version.

    We need to have an option for buttons or any other picker of sorts so that a user can select tab1, tab2, tab3 and so on for navigation through the various tabs, like we had in the earlier version.

    Appreciate further input on this.


    Munene - Jethro Ltd


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    Nicholas Ranum

    I am attempting to do a widget filter from a click on a pivot table.

    I have the click event working. I can read the text from the clicked pivot table cell. I then pass it to the code posted above and it works.

    The problem is that when clicking a second cell, it is attempting to add the same filter again and it breaks.

    What I need is the widget.metadata function that would update an existing filter rather than add a new one. 

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    // This example is for only one dashboard filter.  If there are more filters, be sure to save the filters you wish to remain unmodified
    var dashboardFilters = $$get(prism, "$ngscope.dashboard.filters.$$items");
    // New JAQL
    var newJaql = {jaql: {}};
    newJaql.jaql = dashboardFilters[0].jaql;
    // Make changes to your filter's JAQL
    // Clear Existing Filters or Filter
    // Update With New Filter
    prism.$ngscope.dashboard.filters.update(newJaql,{save:true, refresh:true});
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    Hendrik Venter

    Assuming this doesn't work with later versions of Sisense anymore (v7.3).

    I tried implementing it but the drill event doens't work. Looked like a good solution - Ah well

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