Sorting Bar Column with Break By incl. Legened



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    Nick Burleigh

    Is there a way to sort each break in order of value? That is, say I have a column chart with a stacked break-by. I want each column to be ordered such that the largest value is always at the bottom of the column, with smaller and smaller values stacked on top of it as you go up the column. I've been trying code snippets all over these forums to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Ganesh Pedini

    Hi David,

    The code is really helpful. I am struggling to understand the below snippet of the code. How the parameters a,b being used in the function where they come from ?how what localeCompare function does.

    I know I am asking some silly basic questions but I want to learn Sisense scripting, i am good with dashboard development. Any materials or document that helps in learning the Sisense scripting would be great help !

    ev.result.series.sort(function(b,a){return*(-1); })



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