Seconds Formatting



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    Victor Frank (Edited )

    Wow you just saved me so much time in developing call times for our call center! Our call center managers will be so happy this is able to show them how much time it takes for call-to-answer etc in a readable format! Thank you!!!


    Is there any way to add this to the plugin "Overlapping Column Chart"?

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    Oren Zamski

    Hi Takashi, thanks for this plugin!  I was wondering if there is a way to fix the allignment problem I have when I utilize this plugin on a pivot table. The value in the column is not horizontally alligned with the rest of the values on the same line. The time formatted value is a little higher than the rest..

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    Oren Zamski

    To be more specific on my previous question - The style for the new Second Formatted field is not inherited from the stylesheet of the dashboard/the pivot table. How can I fix that?




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    David Rogers

    This is great, much better than have to script specific columns widget after widget.  Two requests / suggestions:

    In my pivot, the result right-aligns in the cell directly against the edge (doesn't have the margin space to the right that the original value did).  Also, the result is top-aligned rather than middle-aligned like all other values are.

    Could these two items be addressed in your next improvement?


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