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    Andrew Gleed

    I tried that this morning.  I followed the tutorial and it works as far as the dashboard I created from the Image Plugin renders as expected, but it does not default to by my homepage after setting the URL to that dashboard via the RestAPI>0.9>Branding homepage option.  Most annoying.  Is that what you are seeing?

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    Andrew Block


    For clarity, what was your response status code you received when you posted the custom homepage branding?

    If you could attach or input your code you put in the POST branding section I will take a look


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    Andrew Gleed

    Hi Andrew,

    For me, the reason the home page was not showing was because I had set "homepage" instead of "homePage".

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    Russell Davis


    I’ve had success implementing the homepage navigation through what I call “Landing Pages” for various departments within our company. I use this as a starting point for each department, each Landing Page dashboard shows high level information and by utilizing the imageWidget plugin (each linked to a specific dashboard – adding the dashboard’s URL in the second box) users can quickly access relevant dashboards. Also, I’ve found that adding a “back button” using the imageWidget plugin that’s URL linked to your landing page/homepage improves the user experience.

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