Series with Only Data Points in Line Chart



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    Camille Desrochers

    This script does not work with 2 categories, but a data modeling workaround can be used to group 2 categories into a single category.


    Before - using 2 Categories fields:


    After - using a single Categories field of concatenated fields:


    Create a custom column that is a concatenation of the 2 fields that you want to use as categories:


    Custom column: [Condition] + '-'+[Gender] 


    Build schema changes.

    Replace the 2 category fields in the widget with this new single multi categories concatenated field.


    Put the following script in the widget script:

    widget.on('render', function(sender, se){

    var s = sender.queryResult.series[2];

    // Change series to a line, enable the marker and hide the line
    s.type = "line";
    s.lineWidth = 0.01;
    s.marker = {
    enabled: true,
    radius: 6

    // When hovered state to disabled and lineWidth to 0
    sender.queryResult.plotOptions.series.states.hover.lineWidth = 0;
    sender.queryResult.plotOptions.series.states.hover.lineWidthPlus = 0;
    // Change the hover fillColor
    sender.queryResult.plotOptions.series.marker.states.hover.fillColor = 'white';


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    Crystal Patry

    how do i modify this if i want all series to be affected?

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    Jason Sears

    Hi Crystal,

    You would need to iterate through each series within args.result.series and perform the remaining operations for each series object within the array.

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    Jonathan Sambucci

    Hey All, 

    We are trying to populate the index labels with a plot point. Any advice on how we can set that up? We are using two categories and the script is completely hiding the points.



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    Camille Desrochers

    Jonathan Sambucci have a look at the workaround for 2 categories posted in the official comments on this post

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