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    David Hertzberg

    Hi Lihn,

    I am not sure how you built your initial widget, but here is how I would do what you ask. Assuming you have a date field and a revenue filed (called MtVenteRetail_TTC in my example), I would just add a custom field for your date displaying the month name (called LibMois in my exemple). This will allow you to break the revenue by month name, instead of month.

    The widget would be like that :

    The formula I use are :

    • Cum. revenue : RSUM([Total MtVenteRetailTTC])
    • % evo : GrowthPastYear(rsum([Total MtVenteRetailTTC]))

    Hope this works for you.

    Best, David.

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    Linh Cao

    Thank you so much David!

    I'm a newbie and i didn't know about running sum plug in. It's really what I need.
    Is there any way to add average yearly revenue to this widget.

    Thanks, Linh.

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