3D Scatter Plot



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    Brian Wilson

    Ronen, that is an awesome looking widget. I'll keep it in mind.

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    Ronen Avidor

    Artem, appreciate the feedback, currently the color option are only available via the size field

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    Sisense User

    Hi Ronen ,

    is there any faciltity available in the gem to show a arrow mark between 2 markers indicating the change of the value in a period of time.




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    Marc Saunders

    I have had some problems with this plug in affecting other plugins that change the widget title bar, for example:


    jumpToDashboard indicator and the right click jumpto option was not available

    StyleWidgetTitle: does not work at all.


    When i disable the 3Dscatterwidget plugin they all work fine.

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    Andy Son (Edited )

    Hi Marc,

    I tried to replicate the issue you were running into and couldn't. Some troubleshooting I can think of is to:

    - Make sure a widget has a Title within the widget editor to have the style widget display.

    - Ensure your jump-to dashboards have the appropriate _drill_ prefix and are pointing at the same elasticube. 

    - Some widgets do not support jump-to, and in cases such as a line chart containing a jump-to, right-clicking will not display the option to jump, but selecting multiple values will.

    If all else fails attempt to restart the Sisense.Plugins services through task manager, and/or toggle on-off the 3dScatterPlot plugin with the jumpto and stylewidgets enabled through the admin page.


    Hope this helps.

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    Marc Saunders


    thanks for your reply, that is most strange, i actually performed all your suggestions already, we are using 7.2 if that makes a difference.


    It was not such an issue as we do not use the 3D scatter anyhow, but i wanted to highlight the issue.

    It could have been a symptom of another plugin that caused it too, it can be challenging when you have quite a few to maintain.





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