Create Elasticube .ecube file from RestAPI/PSM



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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Ian,

    Assuming you're looking for a way to get the schema file (.ecube) without data from an ElastiCube already running on your server, you can find this file in the following path:

    C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\ElastiCubeData\<your elasticube name>\ElastiCube.ecube

    If you wish to export an existing (running) ElastiCube with its data (as an .ecdata file which contains both schema and data in a compressed format), that can be done with the PSM.exe command "ecube export".

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    Broen van Besien

    Is there a way to import .ecube files the same way?

    Say you updated a cube in you quality environment and want to migrate those changes to your production environment.

    Can we simply replace an .ecube file  with an updated version and trigger a build via the API?



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    Michael Becker

    Hi Broen,


    you can achieve that by using PSM and initiating remote build. Then schema on target server will be refreshed as well - - go to build section to see examples.

    Hope it helps.



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