Circle Gauge (Modified Animated Liquid Fill Gauge)



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    Malinda Jepsen

    Very nice! Thank you! 

    Anyone want to tackle an old fashioned thermometer? I would love to use that for goal visualizations!

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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi all,

    Ravid here from Paldi Solutions.

    I'm excited to announce that we've launched a new officially supported plugin to the Partners Marketplace that aims to help you uplift your gauge indicators to a whole new level.

    The plugin's name is Custom Gauge Indicator and it does exactly what it says - lets you easily build beautiful custom gauges that will match to your exact use case.

    - The plugin will be officially supported including the PDF export functionality.
    - While you can design any Gauge you'd like, the plugin comes bundled with a bank of more then 30+ icon samples that you can choose from out of the box and that amount keeps growing (:
    - No coding or CSS is required. You can generate those custom gauges directly with your graphic designer.
    - Every buyer will receive 3 custom designs that are tailor made to your specific branding and style.
    - More info and a short demo video can be found on the Marketplace listing.
    - Free trial is available for you to feel it yourselves.

    We rapidly keep enhancing the plugin so please share your feedback & suggestions for improvements.



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