Creating Benchmarks from Previous Year


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    Joseph Polefrone

    Please see edited version below:



    COUNT(m.[value]) AS [Volume]
    , m.[Date] AS [Date]

    --Temp for Testing
    ,(ToInt(COUNT(m.[value]) * 1.03)) AS [BenchmarkTestValue]

    --CASE Statement for Last Year Benchmark Percentage (increase 3%) ****STILL NOT WORKING****
    ,CASE WHEN m.[Date]= CreateDate((ToInt(GetYear(m.[Date])-1)),GetMonth(m.[Date]),GetDay(m.[Date]))
    THEN (ToInt(COUNT(m.[value]) * 1.03))
    ELSE Null END AS [Benchmark Target]

    FROM [Main] m
    WHERE m.[Date] <= Now()
    AND m.[Date] >= CreateDate((ToInt(GetYear(Now())-1)),GetMonth(Now()),GetDay(Now()))
    GROUP BY m.[Date]

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