Sparklines in Pivots



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    Michael Guidone

    Nice plugin!    

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    Malinda Jepsen

    I can't wait to try it out!

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    Artem Yevtushenko

    Nicely done, Tak!

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    Dave Bonewicz

    Thanks Tak! This will be a huge help for us since we need to be able to generate trending graphs for a dynamic number of items. 

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    Eric Pouliot

    Hey Takashi,

    Very interesting. I have some use cases for this so looking forward to doing this directly in Sisense instead of exporting to Excel.

    Two things I'm hoping you can comment on and address:

    • The line doesn't appear to work properly. The data points appear to map properly from a vertical perspective, but the line doesn't follow the points.
    • The area doesn't appear to work at all. If I switch to area, it just toggles to a line.

    I'm testing this with 7.1.3.

    Hoping to hear from you.

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    Brian Wilson (Edited )

    Really, really nice extension of the product, Takashi. Thank you.

    I do agree with Eric though, I'm only getting dots at vertices for both Area and Line, not actual lines or areas.

    Columns work fine.

    Also, I was looking on the HighCharts documentation, but I couldn't find how to make "Empty" values into 0s. Currently, if a row is missing some values, the columns will expand out. 

    Google's sparklines, which seem pretty similar to highcharts, have an "Empty" switch as detailed here. Anything like that available?

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    Dave Bonewicz (Edited )

    Hey everyone, I too had an issue with the missing lines and what I found is that the default color of the line is white which makes it invisible. Easy fix, hope it helps.

    Now, if anyone can help me make rows uniformly taller that would make this perfect. 

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    Artem Yevtushenko (Edited )

    Hi Brian,

    Here's something to try.

    write a "CASE WHEN abc = NULL THEN 0 ELSE abc END" statement in the function. This should default your nulls to 0's. 

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    Brian Wilson (Edited )

    // My other reply seems to be trapped in "Pending Approval" so sorry if this is a dupe!//

    Nice Dave! Easy fix. Thank you.

    For Height, I know that this on the dashboard script will increase the height of the rows, but it doesn't look like the sparklines are following suit:

    dashboard.on('widgetready', function(sender, ev){
    $('.p-head-content, .p-value', 'widget[type=pivot]')
    .css('line-height','200%') // change line height


    EDIT -- Looks like the height of the graphs are controlled separately inside of the chart.js file. 

    The % based line-height caused some drift, so I changed that to:

    dashboard.on('widgetready', function(sender, ev){
    $('.p-head-content, .p-value', 'widget[type=pivot]')
    .css('line-height','40px') // change line height


    And then in the chart.js I changed to these in bold:

    var defaultConfig = {
    chart: {
    renderTo: null,
    backgroundColor: null,
    borderWidth: 0,
    type: 'line',
    margin: [0, 0, 0, 0],
    width: 120,
    height: 59px,
    skipClone: true,
    style: {
    overflow: 'visible'

    And got 


    There's STILL a little bit of drift towards the bottom where the rows don't quite line up, but if you don't have a ton of rows, it's certainly workable.

    Artem, I'll give that a shot too.

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    Brian Wilson

    Blowing this thread up!

    Anyone have any thoughts on if Subtotals could also be graphed?

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    Chris Morris

    great thread and plugin, needs to be supported as default by Sisense

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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Artem,

    I've been trying to get Zeros to populate in the Null Values, but I'm not having any luck. It seems similar to getting NULLs to Zeros in a normal Pivot Grid, right? I can't seem to get that to work either, and this thread hasn't been helpful.

    This is just using the Sample eCommerce cube.


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    Sven Willenberger

    This plugin appears to have stopped working with 7.2x release of SiSense. I had one of the developers with whom we are working in on-boarding process test it as well and he confirms it stopped working between 7.1.x and 7.2.x. Any possibility of updates? (By not working I mean no sparklines are displayed at all, completely blank, even with a basic slicer of year in dates and aggregate of total customers.

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    path finder

    Any Update on this Plugin issue? Since this plugin is not working in version.

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    Sam Nicholls

    Any updates on this plugin?

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