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    Malinda Jepsen

    I've not had this issue before, but I have a couple of ideas.

    1. Maybe it needs to be the first item in the JavaScript for the tabber? Mine always are.

    2. I have always created them in the order that I wanted them displayed originally (not sure if that matters).

    3. When you don't have the tabber "on", maybe it needs to be the "first" of the widgets in display order? Mine always are.

    4. All else fails, maybe try to edit the .dash file and move the one you want to the top? I've not tried this.

    All of these are assuming that the one that is showing by default is currently the "first".


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    Bic Bi
    Step 1: 
    Inspect the dashboard after render (right click > Inspect Element). Go to the console, and type the following: "prism.activeDashboard.widgets.$$widgets" and you will get an array as a result. Out of that, find the index (starts from 0) of the main tabber widget on the tab. Let's assume that the widget index is 5! 
    Step 2: 
    Go to the dashboard script and add the following script: (use the index that you figured out from step 1 - highlighted)
    dashboard.on('initialized',function(el,args) {
    prism.activeDashboard.widgets.$$widgets[5].style.activeTab = "0"; //Selects the first tab 
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