Dynamic Dimension/Value Chart



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    Jim Thomas


    Really like it.  Of course we always want more.  My initial wants list:

     - Support drill.  Most of my customers won't deploy without drilling.

     - Support number format settings on Axes and Tool Tips

     - An option to disable either the Dimension or Value choice.  If the value choice was disabled, it would operate like the Dimension Switcher plugin.

     - Enhance the presentation of the currently selected Dimension and Value.  Maybe something like "[Dimension: # of Orders]     [Value: Order Count] .   OR you could get even fancier with presenting it similar the way the choices in the tabber are shown.  Don't mean pick from there, just show what has been picked in the drop down.

     - For what it's worth I'm currently working with a customer where I'm combining the Tabber and the Dimension Switcher.  The customer really likes it except he would like to be able to pick the Dimension without having to right click.  He would like to have the Dimension picking presented similar to the Tabber choices.  Maybe Aligned right instead of centered.  Or maybe aligned right, but vertical instead of horizontal.  His point is that presenting in this way is more obvious an requires less training.

    Thanks for such nice new capabilities.

    Regards, Jim

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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Jim,

    Would the Advanced Filter work for your last one?


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    Jim Thomas


    Thanks for the suggestion.  The Advanced Filter won't work since we are changing dimensions not filtering, but the idea for a similar interface for the dimension switch is a good one.

    Regards, Jim

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