Troubleshooting Scheduled Reporting



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    Ravid Paldi

    Yeh, best way to troubleshoot this would be to open a support ticket. 

    There are several places it the process that can go wrong. 


    Ping me if you're still stuck. 


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    Kirk Peterson (Edited )


    Edit: I'm on 7.2

    Yeah, I have an open ticket, but as I wait I'm also trying to debug it myself. Here are some things I've learned along the way and places to look:

    • Schedules run based on things called jobs
    • you can check here for job logs: %ProgramData%\Sisense\application-logs\jobs-service
    • The jobs run based on a 6 field cron string, using this lib:
    • You can inspect Job settings as they are stored in a collection in the db
    • Also, check your settings from your server on localhost:3030 (pro tip: click on the sisense logo a few times for a hidden menu)
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