"Object Reference Not Set to Instance of Object" on full build



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    Liliia Romanchuk


    This is a very generic error so that there might be different causes of the issue. Please submit a request to the support team for further investigation.



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    Katie Garrison

    In case you run into this message and a full build did not resolve the issue, please reference this section of the Build Errors Troubleshooting article. I've added a section about how to resolve this issue if a full build does not help.


    Error message: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Build Stage: Initializing Build (or prior to Initialization)

    Note: This error can result from a few different issues, most commonly for custom columns and custom tables. It is also helpful to think about what changed in the model before you encountered this error.


    Verify naming and references of each of the custom SQL expression tables and columns. 
    Also try a full build of the cube.


    1. Start out with trying a full build of the Elasticube.
    2. If you see this error at the beginning of a build, open each custom SQL table and parse/preview the expression. Verify table and column names match what is in the model.
    3. Try a full build.
    4. If you still see issues, open each custom column and parse/preview the expression. Verify table and column names match what is in the model.
    5. Try another full build.
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