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    Ramon Lopez

    Hi Tonya

    If i'm understanding this correctly- all you need to do is only include the transactions for the year AND exclude the 'Ending Balance' Journal entry from the close of year.  

    If you add to filters to your formula - one for excluding end of year and another to only include transactions in a specific year you should be able to get to the number you are looking for.

    How are you looking to represent this number?



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    Tonya True

    Hi Ramon,

    I actually found a work around.  It's not ideal but it is currently working.  

    Since I was able to isolate the 1 transaction for the last day that "moves" the Profit Period amounts to a particular GL, I was able to show that 1 GL on the Balance Sheet.

    Ideally we would like to have 1 line for Profit Period, however, I was able to show the 2nd line as "Year End Close".  The profit period line item is zero for the last day and "Year End Close" shows that yearly aggregated amount.

    Sisense Shows it this way:

    This is the view the Executives are use too seeing:



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