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    Hamza Jap-Tjong

    Hi Catharine,

    At the moment it is not possible to create/edit dashboards from a desktop application. You could install Sisense locally and create dashboards in your local web environment. 

    It is possible to create/edit elasticubes locally with the Elasticube Manager. Seeing as the current ElastiCubes are build on the server. You may need to add that server to your Elasticube manager. After that you can download, edit and upload those Elasticubes to your web environment. 

    In the documentation you will find the steps to do this

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    Catharine Lindsay

    I should have said Desktop App instead of Desktop version.

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    Katie Garrison (Edited )

    Hi Catharine,

    Based on your post it sounds like you downloaded the ElastiCube Manager to your own computer and you're asking how to connect your desktop ElastiCube Manager (ECM) to pull the cubes/connections from your organization's version of Sisense. 

    Two processes we see organizations take:

    Option 1: Add Connection in Desktop ECM
    If the computer you're working on is a computer that can VPN/connect to the internal network, if you work with your IT to obtain the IP address and connection info, you can add a connection to the ECM by doing the following:

    1. Start up the desktop ECM
    2. Go to Servers > Manage Servers
    3. In the Sisense Server Console, click the green plus sign to add a server connection
    4. Give the connection a descriptive name and enter the IP address of the server
    5. If you have access to that server you should be able to Connect and see the connected server in your Sisense Server Console
    6. If you are not able to connect to the server, work with your IT team to see if they can open up a connection between your computer and the server, OR move on to the next option

    Option 2: Remote Desktop 
    Many organizations opt to give particular users access to the desktop ECM by giving these users the ability to Remote Desktop directly to the Sisense server. This way the users can work directly on the server and keep all of the work done by users on one machine

    For either option described above, you will not need to recreate any cubes or dashboards. 

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