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    Iris Maessen

    If you want to force the same value(s) for all users, you can kind of simulate this by putting a background filter on the top level; the filter will still be 'adjustable' by users, but they will only be able to select the value(s) you've already selected for them.


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    Matan Doron

    Hi Hugh,


    Thanks for reaching out.

    Locking a top level filter will lock its dependent filters as well.

    Using background filters (as Iris suggested) may help in achieving your desired result.

    For more information on interacting with filters, pleas review this documentation.

    If this still doesn't solve your issue, please feel free to submit a ticket in




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    JJ Chritton

    Actually, putting a background filter on the top level of a dependent filter set does not work, at least in Sisense version 7.10. You can save the filter as a background filter, but all options are still visible. See this post which also confirm that issue:

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