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    Katie Garrison

    Hi M Shaw,

    Below is a small plugin that allows you to change the delimiter for export to .csv. You could use this plugin to change the delimiter from the comma to the semi colon.


    Unzip the plugin then place the plugin in your plugins directory. Then edit the ChangeCSVSeparator.js file and modify line 5 to the desired delimiter character. 

    Hope this solves the issue you're facing!

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    Antonio Tomaro

    Hi M Shaw, Hi Katie,

    thanks for this plugin.

    I installed it and it worked very good, I just have one question: would it be possible to set, in the ChangeCSVSeparator.js, the values rounding in order to round values to just the first two decimal places?

    Example as it is now: Field A, 9.204442 (Field B) -> Desired one: Field A, 9.20 (Field B)

    Best regards,


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