No data in database notification in dashboard




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    Christopher Tangora

    You can make an alert based off a KPI of entries in a DB.  When that KPI hits 0 (or lower than whatever number), you could get a Pulse alert.

    Not sure if that is the official way, but it seems like that would work.



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    Katie Garrison (Edited )

    Hi Hema,

    Agreeing with what Christopher mentioned. 
    You could create a dashboard specifically for this or utilize an existing dashboard that contains the appropriate KPIs in an Indicator widget.

    In testing this myself I created an indicator that count the entries in a particular column. I then added a pulse alert that alerted me if the count of the particular column was less than 1 (setting it equal to 0 did not seem to trigger the alert).

    You then would get an email when the threshold is met (# of X entries is less than 1)

    Hope that helps!

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