7.2 Upgrade - No Elasticubes Visible




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    Christopher Tangora

    Figured out that the IIS had a redirect in the parent of the site.  Removed the redirect and that part started working.

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    Katie Garrison

    Hi Chris, 

    Glad you were able to sort out the issue you were seeing! 

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    Mitch Siwy

    @Christopher Tangora, can you elaborate on this. Just upgraded and encountering the same issue.. Thanks

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    Christopher Tangora

    Sure Mitch.

      Inside of IIS there are a few options for redirecting traffic to HTTPS. In 7.0 we were able to have the entire IIS redirect to HTTPS.  This was done when initially setting up the server and it worked so we left it. When 7.2 came out and Sisense moved 99% away from IIS the upgrade removed the redirect that was in the sisense IIS site, but not the redirect that was part of the entire IIS. After removing the redirect for the entire IIS the problem went away.

     If you're having the same issue with the same error, you probably have a redirect somewhere else.  If you are having the same issue but without an error and are using AD, that is a different issue. (which we found and are still working through)

    Hope that helps, let me know if you want more details about the AD issue offline.

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